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IJMNP.,   Volume(3) - Issue(1), 2018
pp 1-4,   http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.18831/djphys.org/2018011001

Modelling and Simulation of Carts System & Energy Employment

Jamshaid ul Rahman;Gul Sana, Azhar Iqbal


The focus of our project is to model and to have the simulation of spring carts systems, to get the best appropriate method of minimization for mechanical systems. In this regard, a model of 3-carts having eight springs is modelled to get the energy function. This model is based on systems of ordinary differential equations that is converted to matrix forms which is then converted to multivariable quadratic polynomials. These multivariable quadratic polynomials are used in MATLAB framework for implementing Powell’s method. Powell’s method is implemented to minimize the energy of model matrix equation. The Powell’s method is shown significantly more efficient as compared to downhill simplex method. It is shown that Powell’s method gives the convergence in minimum number of iterations.


Modelling, Spring carts system, Powells method, Model matrix equation, Downhill simplex method.

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