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IJMNP.,   Volume(3) - Issue(2), 2018
pp 1-5,   http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.18831/djphys.org/2018021001

Structural and Optical Properties of Cds Thin Films Prepared at Room Temperature by Chemical Bath Deposition Technique

S Prabahar;S Srikanth, U Karunanithi, R.T Karunakaran, T Samidurai


A thin film of CdS is a semiconducting film material used to fabricate hetero-junction solar cell. Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) is a simple and inexpensive technique of depositing thin films in large area. CdS thin films deposited on to a well cleaned glass substrate at room temperature by chemical bath deposition method, using aqueous solutions of cadmium chloride and thiourea. At higher deposition time period, polycrystalline films of preferential orientation along (101) and other planes with hexagonal structure is observed. As the deposition time period increases the grain size as well as the intensity of preferential orientation along (101) and other planes increases. This optical study on the films shows the absorption spectra mechanism as a direct transition.


Thin Films, Solar cell, Chemical Bath Deposition, Grain Size, Absorbance.

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