Online poker: 3 tips that will help us find the fold button and save money


Gaining value from your best hands and making players fold by bluffing are among the most important aspects of performing poker ace96 casino.

How long can a € 1,000 bankroll (for example) survive with many € 20 winnings but as many € 40 losses? Not much, right.

Losing players are unable to ” find the fold ” when they know they are beaten. They continue to pay off the small and large opposing bets even though it is evident that their hand is beaten.

The winners, on the other hand, understand the situation best and gather all available information . When they realize that showdown or bluffing is unlikely to win , they quickly fold the necessary. After all, limiting losses also means earning money.

So, how do you optimize your ability to fold at the right time?

We have some tips for you.

Knowing how to read the opponent’s hand

It will seem obvious, but knowing how to make a good reading of the opponent’s hands is essential in poker.

By “reading the hands” we mean, more precisely, the assignment of a range of possible hands to our opponent, based on his actions before the flop and on each street.

Once the field is narrowed, it will be possible to realize how strong or weak his hand is. Of course, a good reading of opposing hands takes a lot of practice and lots of games, but in the long run it will help us make the best decisions in terms of calling or folding, with a positive effect on our profit.

Note the opponent’s style of play

If our opponent has a rather closed and passive style of play, we tend to believe him in front of his big bet. If an opponent only goes all-in with the nuts, let’s remember and fold. A mistake that many make is to convince themselves too many times that they are the object of a bluff : to avoid it it would be enough to remember how our opponent has played up to that moment.

Note the opponent’s bet-sizing

Many players have quite strong betting patterns .

That is: there will be those who bet the pot once they hit top pair or better on the flop, like those who always bet half pot if they hit nothing. Or again: those who go straight with AK don’t hit anything on the flop, or those who check when they get a set and then raise.

Let’s take note of the various behaviors and remember: now all online poker rooms give us the opportunity to note the behavior of our opponents.

This too, in the long run, will translate into greater profit for us.

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