Six fundamental elements for the selection of cash game tables


At this moment Covid-19 unfortunately commands and despite the reopening of the casinos in Las Vegas , the time seems distant when the rooms of the various gambling halls will fill up again, especially in the Old Continent. Waiting for better moments, however, we can pass the wait by remembering some important aspects for the cash game in

Here is a sort of mini-guide to find the most favorable action for us, not only in the short term, but above all in the medium-long term. Let’s see what we must always evaluate, before sitting down.

Know yourself, before others

The first aspect to consider for a good selection of cash game tables is to really know how much we know about ourselves . However, we must be honest and not try to cheat with ourselves.

Not only that, but to these questions we must add others. Am I confident enough to play at a Pot Limit Omaha table ? Or is it better to limit yourself to classic No Limit Hold’em ?

This is really a crucial step. We cannot escape from ourselves. So we must always be honest and contain where our ego is needed . The more we are aware of what we are really worth, the less mistakes we will be inclined to make.

The comfort zone

In the selection of cash game tables, the comfort zone indicates a game where we are comfortable. The more we are, the more likely we are to make a high profit . If we are basically closed players and the rest of the company at the table is made up of maniacs it is evident that we will not be comfortable. Or if the game is made up of authentic sharks that prevent us from finding the key to the problem.

If we’re not comfortable, then there’s only one thing to do. Get up as soon as possible from the table and look for another one more suited to our qualities . Where we can play our best game, we have found our comfort zone. And we will be able to play the best possible game, showing ourselves that we are perfectly comfortable at that table.

Short stack tables are not ideal

When selecting cash game tables , we must always see the size of the players ‘ stacks . Obviously online สล็อตmafiaมาใหม่ is easier, as there is a real-time screen. Live it becomes difficult to accurately quantify the amount of each of the players, but broadly we can understand that if we are faced with a table of deep stack , or short stack .

The latter are the most dangerous ones. Because from a technical-tactical point of view they will have only one way to try to double up, while from the point of view of profit there will be less money on the table between rake and tips . So a cash game table made up mostly of short stacks is a table to avoid.

Time makes the difference

Those who have had the opportunity to play cash games in Las Vegas , for example, will have realized that there are more congenial times to do so, at least in terms of profit. The hours of the afternoon and early evening are the most difficult from this point of view. We will have to deal with well-rested and fresh players to face a long session.

Speech that changes as the night falls. Here clarity drops, fatigue takes over and errors can certainly be more numerous. Whoever sits down at that moment of rest can achieve important results . Consequently, the ideal time becomes a pivotal point in choosing the table.

Beware of the table where you laugh

A day without a smile is a day lost, Charlie Chaplin loved to repeat . And a laugh at the table always suits us. To ease the tension, to play down some outbursts and also to socialize. But remember that the table, where you mostly laugh, is the ideal one for making money . Most of the seated players are there to have fun, to spend a few hours different from usual.

This means that the profit is not on top of their goals , or at least it does not totally represent the real reason why they are at the table. Consequently, if we are players who instead aim to make a profit, the opportunity is a golden one to sit down. Even these details make a difference in the long run.

Never sedentary

If in case you no longer feel at ease at that table, you can always seize the ball and move on to something else. Obviously, respecting the advice we have just listed. The best player is the one who senses the danger in time , dodges it and starts from other perspectives.

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