The final phase of the MTT KO Progressive: the late stage strategy


These days we have given particular emphasis to the main strategies of the MTT Progressive KO . Bounty tournaments are now the daily bread of online poker schedules and in recent times many principles have been filed สล็อต ฟรี for this particular variant.

From a strategy standpoint, we have seen that MTT Progresssive KOs are something of a hybrid. They have some points in common with the classic tournaments, but with the addition of the sizes, the value of which weighs heavily on the choices to be made at the table.

The weight of the steps …

If the intermediate phase is the most delicate due to the presence of the bursting of the bubble and the related prize landing, the Late Stage requires us to make clear and well-considered choices.

Now we are at a premium and therefore we are fighting economically on two fronts. On the one hand, the progressive sizes of the rivals and our own size , while on the other hand we have the classic payout of poker tournaments. Each position gained brings us closer to a higher step.

Consequently, the choices we make from time to time affect above all in this perspective. Initially the monetary difference between one step and another in the prize pool will be minimal, but as the eliminations pass there will be more and more a gulf between the various positions.

For this reason, every decision we make will then have a specific weight also at the monetary level.

… And that of progressive sizes

Together with the payout objective, the value of the sizes must be taken into account . Ours, but above all that of rivals. The more thoughtful it will be, the more important it will be to choose the hand with which to try to loot. Obviously premium hands and play in position remain the basics, but as we said in MTT Progressive KO the range inevitably widens.

Consequently a short that has a thick bounty and action, we can also tackle it with a medium value hand, in the hope of making full loot. On the other hand, the situation is opposite, when it is us with a lower stack who face a deep . We need the right precautions and value betting in case we close an important point. Fewer mistakes are made at this stage and the more money we will collect as the tournament progresses.

We play for the top

Progressive KO tournaments, however, have one thing in common with classic late stage tournaments . That is to play for the top players and therefore always aim for victory. Sometimes we will succeed, other times not, but the strategy must always be the same: aiming for ultimate success .

In short, winning in tournaments with progressive Bounty has a double monetary value and for this reason every choice we make, even the smallest, moves and not a little at an economic level.

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